WAGS vs London Escorts

Could I make it as WAG? When I look at some of the WAGS out there, I think that we have girls here at charlotte action escorts who are a lot classier. I must admit that some of the WAGS which I have seen in the papers and magazines, look a real mess and I am sure there are at least a few gents at London escorts who would not go out with them. Do they need to change their looks? I think that they certainly do, and one of the things they need, is a personalised stylist. Money does not mean that you have class.

Looking good is important to both WAGS and London escorts. To make sure I look good when I go about my business for London escorts. One of the things I always to do to look good, is to go shopping with a personal shopper. When I look at some of the WGS, it is a little bit like they have just bought something because it is expensive. That is not the thing to do. Instead you should buy something because it suits you.

Make up is another thing that WAGS seem to have a problem with them. I have dated a few celebs when I have been on duty with charlotte action escorts and I must admit that I have bumped into couple of WAGS. They are kind of plastered in make up, and it looks terrible. The wrong look when it comes to make up can make you look really cheap and nasty. Most of the girls here at London escorts are sort of minimalistic when it comes to make up, but we do buy quality products. I always go to one of the top beauty counters in a department store and ask for help.

Shoes is another thing that WAGS are not very good at. Yes, both London escorts and WAGS seem to have a passion for stilettos, but you should not wear them all of the time. But then again, I think that most WAGS are pretty good at picking shoes. None of the girls I have seen seem to pick what I would call extreme shoe fashion. I don’t know how WAGS get this right, but it could be that they do actually like classy shoes. London escorts like classy shoes because they want their gents to look at them, and not their shoes. Perhaps the WAGS have a similar sort of thing going on.

Would I like to be a WAG? No thank you, I don’t want to be a WAG. I am more than happy to work for London escorts, and at the same time, I can just disappear in the crowd. If someone turned out with a  camera and started to take photos of me as I was coming out of Waitrose with my bags of shopping, I think that I would go absolutely mad. It is nice to just go out for drink with my friends or London escorts gents, without being recognized and ending up on the news feed in the Daily Mail.

Release The Diva Within You

You are a discerning adult, so you should feel free to act upon your sexual desires and interests. Many individuals across London enjoy various types of fetishes, so it is time that you get out there and feel free to participate in the scene. There are even a number of escorts located throughout the region that will help you fulfill your fantasies – all you have to do is.

Escorts and Fetishes

Many people to do not think that escorts have the ability to satisfy the needs of a fetishist. That is simply not the case, as there are a number of beautiful girls in this occupation that will be more than happy to indulge in the scene with you. While escorts are meant to provide you with companionship during your time in the city, they also often have a wild side that they are more than willing to let out if that is your thing. From feet fetishes to the leather and bondage scene, and almost every area in between, escorts are there to please.

The Function of Today’s Escort

Escorts are not just about sex and money. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise simply does not understand what the job is all about. Escorts are real people with a sincere interest in meeting others. Many of them are fetishists as well and use their occupation as a way to encourage others to indulge and let loose of their sexual inhibitions. You can simply contact the escort agency of your choice and let them know of your fetishist tendencies. They will then recommend a special lady that can entertain for the evening in and around London. It really is that simple.

Escorts are intelligent, great looking, and love to have fun. They are not just after your money, and customers are not simply looking for private and intimate sexual encounters. There is a lot to see and do throughout London. An escort can show you some of the places off the beaten path that many people do not know exist. There are many venues to live out your fetish desires, so escorts can accompany you there and help you have a great time.

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